Sour Patch Kids Berries Candy, 1 Bag (3.6 Oz.)

SOUR PATCH KIDS Berries Candy are mischief-filled sour-then-sweet treats. Soft, chewy, and oh so fun, these tasty candies come in berry flavors that help you escape the everydayness of your day! - This package contains one 3.6 oz. bag of SOUR PATCH KIDS Berries Candy. - Sour. Sweet. Gone. - SOUR PATCH KIDS candy is essential for holidays, parties, and everyday snacking. Fill treat jars, Easter baskets, and goodie bags; delight trick-or-treaters during Halloween and little ones at the movies; and complete stocking stuffers, care packages, and advent calendars with this playful confection. SOUR PATCH KIDS candy make every day sweeter. - Add this package of SOUR PATCH KIDS Berries Candy to your cart for sour then sweet treats.