Jardines 7 J Salsa Tomatillo Medium

Big flavor. Small-batch made. Soulful salsa from South of Austin. The spirit of Buda TX. Here at Jardines, much of our south-of-Austin soul comes straight from the Spirit of Buda, a wise old chuck wagon cook with a trail rider's heart and a chef's palate. Because of him, we've been creating funky-fresh flavors rooted in the heritage of South Texas for years. Our history with the tomatillo goes back generations, but it's all based upon a mistake. Upon discovery, the Spirit of Buda assumed these bulbous peppers were green tomatoes (and for good reason). It was only when he began cooking them that he discovered the truth: Tomatillos delivered a mild-yet-robust flavor that no other pepper could. So naturally, he paired them with onions and spices, creating one of our most iconic salsas. www.jardinefoods.com. Product of USA.