Dogfish Head Ale, Handcrafted Ancient, Midas Touch

Handcrafted Ancient ale with barley, honey, white muscat grapes & saffron. The ingredients in our recipes come from the Earth and the oven. They come from interfering and letting be. We use organic and natural ingredients wherever possible and our recipes are blissfully inefficient. We spend premium prices on the finest barley, hops & herbs. We use no extracts. For us, brewing is not a process of automation, but of imagination and passion. We wrap our hands around plastic shovels to clean out mash tuns. We wrap our hands around sticky clumps of whole leaf hops and toss them into the boil kettle. We wrap our hands around our work because we are proud to make something with our own hands. We hope you enjoy drinking Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales as much as we enjoy making them. Deep inside this tumulus at Gordon in central Turkey, University of Pennsylvania Museum archaeologists excavated what is quite possibly the tomb of the real King Midas, who inspired the legend. The secrets of the 2700-year-old beverage were unlocked by a molecular archaeologist at the Penn Museum, who analyzed residues from the largest iron age drinking set ever found. 9% alc by vol.