Spices, herbs & rubs

We could give you the most delicious cuts of meat, but without the beautiful blends of herbs and spices, your meat would cease to satisfy! These exceptional ingredients are full of health benefits, as well as, essential culinary components in cooking a meal with a range and depth in flavor.
The Butcher Shop - Spices, herbs & rubs

High End Spices

We carry over 150 fresh, high end spices from all corners of the world, as well as an extensive Salt collection. From your basics like Oregano, Thyme, and Cinnamon, to the more exotic and exciting, like Juniper Berries, Pickling spice, Turmeric, and Marjoram, we have everything you need to seriously enhance your meals and meats to perfection.

Sweet, smokey, spicy & everything in between

Not only do we carry beautiful spices & herbs, we also make our own seasonings and rubs that are guaranteed to take your meal to the next level. With rubs for your beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, every seasoned bite will take you on a world of flavor and satisfaction. Wash it down with a complementary glass of wine and you have yourself the makings of a perfect meal!

We also carry other brands that are out-of-this-world delicious, such as the very popular Chicken Crack, Rub with Love, Stubbs, and Slap Ya Mama. Each one delivering their own take on sweet, smoky, or spicy. Each one taking your meal to next level delicious.

All spices, herbs, and rubs can be found in front of or on our meat counter, as well as, more spice and herb options down aisle 6!