Chairman's Reserve

When it comes to fresh meats, never settle for second best. At Holiday Market, we aim to give our customers the best possible cuts of meat we can get our hands on and that is why almost everything in our case carries the Chairman’s Reserve label. 
Chairman’s Reserve
Before it can carry this name, each cut must be of the highest quality and meet their strict standards. You can shop for meat for you and your loved ones, knowing you are giving your family the best of the best.

The Chairman’s Reserve label is for both beef and pork and is classified into two tiers: Premium and Prime. Each cut of beef and pork must meet specific criteria before being considered Premium or Prime.

The “Prime” tier is Chairman’s highest level of quality. This tier delivers the most tender, juicy, and flavorful cuts possible. Simply put- you won’t find more superior beef and pork!

For more Information please download the Chairman’s Reserve pdf.