Sweet Breads

At Holiday Market, not only do we pride ourselves in making the best breads, we also make the best baked goods and breaded sweets. From scones to croissants, we offer everything you need for that something sweet to start your day.
The Bread House - Sweet Breads


We spent a lot of time researching and understanding how to make a classic scone. Creating the right texture and bake is no easy feat. After some trial and error, we have mastered the perfect scone. We offer these crumbly, subtly sweet baked goods in

Cranberry Orange
Lemon Blueberry
Lemon Poppyseed

along with our savory flavors

Spinach, Roasted Red pepper, Asiago and Mozzarella
Bacon, Cheddar, and Chive

Our scones are perfect for tea time or brunch. Enjoy with one of our store made butters, lemon curd (John’s personal favorite),creme fraiche, honey, or preserves.


Another classic, freshly baked good we offer is our croissants. Our staff has mastered the art of laminating and our buttery croissants show every flakey layer upon tearing into it. Our classic croissants will transport you to a patisserie on little side street in Paris, enjoying a croissant with “un café”. We recommend enjoying our croissants with honey, lemon curd, or a fresh fig preserve. We also make our croissants in other flavors, like pain au chocolat and an out of this world savory “croque monsieur”, which is our flakey and butter croissant with ham and gooey swiss cheese wrapped on the inside. Talk about delicious!

Sticky Buns & Cinnamon Rolls

Have you even lived if you have not enjoyed a fresh cinnamon roll or sticky bun? These sweet and sticky pastries are made from scratch every day with the best ingredients on the planet. Sink your teeth into one of these confectionaries and be taken to a world of pure satisfaction. They are best enjoyed warm, so pick some up first thing in the morning from our store, or warm them in the oven. They are sold in packs of 4 at our Bread house or by the piece at our café. Sit down at our bistro, enjoy a sticky bun with a latte and ease into your day.

Raisin Bread

Our Raisin bread is a true gift from our masters in the Bread house. Each component made from scratch, including the crumble on top and bottom of this bread, is perfectly balanced without being overly sweet. The combined textures of the crumble, soft bread, grainy cinnamon swirl, and raisins is some kind of perfect.