Store Made Butters

If you’re like us, you know that everything tastes better with butter- especially bread. Pairing our freshly made, crusty breads with our sweet and savory butters is absolutely eat-the-whole-loaf delicious. We make 3 different butters: our famous garlic butter, a cinnamon butter, and a honey butter. Each one is made with the highest quality ingredients and is hand made in our Bread house.
The Bread House - Store Made Butters

So Delicious

Our garlic butter is so delicious and makes the best garlic bread. Not only do we sell the butter on its own, we also turn our Crusty Italian loaves and Parisian Baguettes into pre-buttered garlic bread, topped with our grated Parmesan Reggiano cheese. All you need to do is bake it off and enjoy it with your favorite pasta dish. The blend of green onions, pungent garlic, seasonings, and high quality butter is all you need to make your savory dreams come true. This butter is delicious on crackers with a slice of meat and cheese, a bagel, or one of our savory scones. There isn’t much that wouldn’t taste delicious with our garlic butter!

Creamy & Smooth

We also make cinnamon and honey butters. These creamy and smooth butters are sweet and lick-the-container good. We use the best cinnamon and our local honey to create these delicious condiments. Wake up and start your day by lathering one of these on a toasted slice of our famous Red, White & Blue loaf, our scones, or a slice of our Cherry Pecan. With a cup of our coffee, this is the only way to start your day.

Our butters can be found down aisle 12, next to the other beautiful butters we sell.