Fresh Focaccia

Along with the many amazing items we make every day, we also make an out of this world Focaccia “pizza”. This soft, airy bread is very similar and (we think) even more delicious than regular pizza dough.
The Bread House - Fresh Focaccia

Five Delicious Flavors

The flavor of the olive oil and herbs in our Focaccia compliments the fresh vegetables and sauces we pair it with.

We make 5 delicious types of Focaccia:

Red pepper and mozzarella

Tomato and Asiago

Three Cheese (Mozzarella, Asiago, and Feta)

Margarita with a San Marzano sauce topped with olives and mozzarella cheese

Onion and Blue Cheese with walnuts.

A Happy Dance

Each one is a blast of flavor and texture. Each bite sends you into a “happy” dance. It makes for the perfect lunch or dinner!