Exploring the flavors

France is famous for its decadent and delicate pastries. People travel from all over the world to get a taste of France’s celebrated confections. Claire Pardington, an avid traveler and lover of French culture, has been to just about every famous pâtisserie in Paris. Since her arrival to the store, recreating and exploring the flavors and delicate art of French Pastries at Holiday Market’s talented scratch bakery has been something she has been eager and excited to implement. After teaming up with Britney, the Bakery/Bread House Manager, and Don, Assistant Manager, they slowly started creating and introducing these beautiful pieces of art into our case with major success.

The Macaron

It started out with the simple and delicate macaron. Perfecting this fussy recipe and making it our own was no easy feat, however, with such a skilled team of culinary chefs it was a challenge our bakery was ready to take! We started with only 2 flavors: Chocolate and Strawberry. We have since added on Pineapple, Mint Chip, Key Lime, Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, and so much more! These treats are as popular as they are sweet and they make perfect gifts, desserts, tea party treats, and the perfect sugary pick-me-up with your afternoon coffee!

The French Pastry Case

Today our case is filled with a menagerie of color and filled with the flavors of the classic pastries found in Paris. Every item is made with the sweetest in-season flavors, bringing different tart profiles, like lemon curd, creamy chocolate and berries with almond for summer or blood-orange, pomegranate, and pumpkin for winter- each topped with corresponding flavors and our delightful whipped cream. There’s always something new to look for, whether it’s a fresh, luscious chocolate-dipped strawberry or a rich, buttery cronut filled and topped with exciting seasonal flavors. You’ll find heavenly chocolate cream puffs filled with any number of light crèmes, topped with chocolate accoutrements, and even a touch of gold luster. Our delicious layered shortcake slices are perfect for your next get together- with delectable chocolate, golden lemon and simply sinfully strawberry, you’re on the right track to wrap up your dinner party in true style and full flavor. Our pastry case is teeming with color and variety, awaiting your selections each day with a carousel of seasonal flavors!

(Click here for our French Pastry Menu)

The Management Team

Over seeing the creation of these amazing pastries and our entire bakery and breadhouse team, are our two amazing leaders, Britney and Don. Every beautiful and flavorful sweet in our case is baked and perfected to their standards.

Britney: Bakery Manager

Our bakery manager is Britney, a recent Schoolcraft Culinary Arts graduate who’s love for pastries and baking is apparent each day with her various creations and attention to detail. Britney prides herself on leading with compassion and a collaborative approach, as a fusion of ideas only helps to elevate our products and services. While working at resorts in San Diego and Denver she was able to sink her teeth into culinary arts which led to her success in college, consistently making the Dean’s list. Each day brings new and fresh ideas, whether she’s whipping up a batch of cheesecake batter or delicately placing accoutrements on French pastries Britney is always creating and perfecting something new!