Rolled on Site

Just past floral as you are strolling into produce, take a moment to watch a real art form: The art of making fresh, hand-rolled sushi. Our specialists bring in great products from all over the world to stock our shelves, and our skilled sushi chefs create delicious Japanese favorites right in front of you.

Fresh Sushi - Rolled on Site

We take our sushi very seriously! We partnered up with Sushi Kabar, a Michigan made business from Royal Oak Michigan, that works with highly skilled, Japanese chefs who truly understand how to make authentic sushi!

Fresh and made on site, Sushi Kabar does it right. There is no vendor dropping off a shipment, no employee pulling pre-made rolls out of a box, and no commissary. At Holiday Market, we have a highly trained sushi chef, on site, that works our sushi bar everyday. Everything is made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. Our chef painstakingly slices fresh tuna, salmon, avocados and preps various other colorful accouterments, every morning. If you come at the right time, you may even catch the aroma of rice wine vinegar and watch the rolling techniques. There are over 20 different kinds of rolls, including traditional rolls and specialty made rolls, each boasting their own technique, flavor, and complexity.