Rotisserie Chicken

If you happen to walk by at the right time you will see our specialists behind the deli counter loading up fresh rotisserie chickens in our roaster. We roast nothing but the highest quality chickens on site.
Delicatessen - Rotisserie Chicken

Delicious and ready to go

Moist and juicy, our rotisserie chickens are available in the hot case by the deli area.

They come in original and herb, hot and ready to go. We roast and season nothing but the highest quality Amish chickens. While some markets may use close dated whole chickens from their meat department, we bring in our chickens fresh and specifically the rotisserie.

About Amish Miller Chicken

Miller Poultry is a family-owned business dedicated to producing naturally grown poultry in an ethical, wholesome manner. Their aim is to provide a perfect product, in perfect packaging, in perfect condition. All Miller Chickens are raised in open-floored chicken houses, the birds are unconfined and have a great deal of space with natural light and ventilation. Their diet is supplemented with certified organic GMO-free grains including corn and soy. Galen Miller and his family, provide all of the feed to the Amish families that raise the chickens ensuring that it is of the highest quality . The result is a healthy, delicious alternative to factory-farmed chicken that your family will absolutely love.

Fast & Easy

Besides being delicious and store roasted, our rotisserie chickens are perfect for on the go. Make a family dinner quick and easy. If you have any leftovers try making a hearty chicken noodle soup or chicken salad.