Among the Italian treasures at our world-class delicatessen, our selection of prosciuttos is second to none. Our experienced staff will slice it paper-thin, perfect for your appetizers, cheese board or antipasto. We carry some of the best brands in the business such as, Boar’s Head, La Torre and Greci & Folzani.
Delicatessen - Prosciutto

Boar’s Head Prosciutto di Parma

An age-old tradition passed on from generation to generation, Boar's Head Prosciutto Di Parma bears the Ducal Crown certifying it is crafted under strict quality controls in Parma, Italy, from specially bred pigs.  Just sea salt, air and time give this prosciutto its fragrant and delicate buttery sweet taste.

Boar’s Head Domestic Shankless Mild Prosciutto

A mild flavor domestic Prosciutto.

Martelli Parma Imported Prosciutto

Proscuitto di parma is a raw ham that is typical Italian cured meat obtained by dry salting from the pork leg, in particular from animals that have reached a weight of around 150 kg. Parma ham is a typical salami from the province of Parma; Raw ham with a sweet and refined flavor, it is a low calorie dish, but with an intense taste. The only preservative allowed by the specification, among other things in a smaller quantity than other types of raw ham, is salt. Besides the salt there are no additives.