Deli Trays

Planning a party, business luncheon, or family open house? Our deli experts are here to help you create the perfect menu for any special occasion.

We are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations, as we showcase platters that offer the best in quality, freshness, flavor, and aesthetic. Our “Certified Service” includes helping you plan each event from conception to rave reviews.

When ordering a tray at Holiday Market, you can always count on us to provide:

Delicious trays that complement each other
Side dish recommendations and options
Breads & Desserts
Beverage recommendations
An atmosphere that makes entertainment planning almost effortless
Guidance on establishing quantities based on guest count

All of our beautiful party trays come in 3 sizes:

Small: Serving 10-15
Medium: Serving 15-25
Large: Serving 25-35

Please see our menu of all the amazing options we cater to when it comes to party trays!