Finger-Lickin Chicken

If you haven’t had our fried chicken here at Holiday Market, we feel sorry for you! We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but “Toot toot!”. It is hands down some of the best fried chicken we’ve ever had, and we think you will agree.
Bistro 520 - Finger-Lickin Chicken

The biggest complaint we get on our fried chicken? “My chicken never made it home- I couldn’t stop eating it in the car and so I had to eat the sides by itself!” Yeah. It’s that good.


We fry our chicken in a Broaster, which fries the chicken under pressure. Broasting the chicken this way ensures a less greasy feel and keeps all of those succulent juices in with the meat. Our broasted chicken is always available in our hot case in our Delicatessen, although sometimes there can be quite the line up for it! Call ahead and place an order to ensure you can pick up and go in case the dinner crowd beats you to it! Don’t forget to stop by our Grab & Go Case to pick up some mashed potatoes, gravy, mac & cheese, and coleslaw, all made in house at Holiday Market, to go with that broasted chicken! Just don’t take a bite until you are home. You’ve been warned!


If you are searching for something juicy and a little less caloric, our Roasted Chicken by the piece is perfect for you. Made fresh every day, dusted with delicious seasonings and rosemary, our roasted chicken is tender and juicy. Bite in and watch the meat fall off the bone. It’s that kind of juicy.

Like our fried chicken, our roasted chicken is available every day in the hot case in our Delicatessen. In a rush? Call us and we will put some aside for you, so you can grab and go when you make it in.