Pairing beer and food can be an incredible sensory experience. Cleansing, contrasting or complementing are some good guidelines to go by. Cleanse your palate with a light cold beer when eating spicy food, contrast with oysters and stout, and complement rich beers with rich foods or light beers with light foods. Get creative and have fun! Ask our specialist if you have any questions.
Beers of the World - Pairings
Foodies love the experience from first bite to washing it down with the right flavor. Don’t know what the right flavor is? Have no fear! We’ve put together the perfect list to help guide you down the road of beer pairing. Take a look below and plan your next beer/meal combination.Light Lagers - Burgers and Salads
Wheat Beers - Spicy food and fruity desserts
India Pale Ales (IPA)- Steak, Barbecue, and Mexican food
Amber Ales - Pizza and Fried food
Dark Lagers - Pizza, Burgers, and Hearty Stews
Brown Ales - Sausage, Sushi, and Fish
Porter - Seafood, Coffee flavored desserts
Stouts - Chocolate desserts, Shellfish, Mexican food
Beers of the World - Pairings