Nothing says party like an ice-cold keg, & you will be happy to know that we sell our kegs at only $5 over cost. Yes, you only pay $5 more than what we pay for it! If you’re interested in grabbing a keg for your next party or get together, just call Duane at 734-844-2200 & place your order at least ONE week in advance. This allows our beer specialist to place your order and prepare it properly. Please take note that some beers are not available in kegs, but no worries, if your beer of choice isn’t available in kegs, we will help you find the next best option.
Beers of the World - Kegs

Picking up your keg is simple. Just head over to the beer cooler and pick it up there. If you ordered a half-barrel, head over to the service counter for assistance. A bagger will be more than happy to help you get your keg rang up and out to your vehicle with a dolly. Please remember that each keg requires a $30 deposit upon pick up, and you will receive your $30 deposit back in return for the emptied keg. Don’t worry, there’s no rush on returning the kegs. We highly recommend picking your keg up within 24 hours of your event (2 day in advance if you have a kegerator), but NOT right before it. Picking your keg up early will allow your beer time to settle and cut down some of the foam.

Now, picking up your keg is one thing, and getting it home and ready for your event is another. Keeping your keg cold is of the highest priority, so be sure to have a tub of ice or your kegerator ready. When transporting your keg, be mindful of how much you’re moving it around. Moving your keg CAREFULLY and slowly will minimize froth and keep your beer refreshing. This means the drive home should be as smooth as possible. So, avoid malicious potholes, hard stops, wide turns, and drag racing, if you don’t want your beer shaken up and foamy. We’d also advise against laying the keg on its side while transporting it, or rolling the keg in order to move it.

We rarely have issues with our kegs, but in the case that you get a keg that isn’t functioning properly, replacing them isn’t a problem. Just call us at 734-844-2200 and ask for Duane. If Duane isn’t available, ask for a manager and any one of them will assist you right away. All you’ll have to do is bring the broken keg back to the store and we will swap it for a new one. Its that easy!

Beers of the World - Kegs