Meat & Seafood


Our top notch meat department caters to EVERY customer’s request. Everything is hand cut daily by professional meat cutters for the freshest selections. We only deal with the top choice Chairman’s Reserve beef. All grinds are made with whole primals NEVER tube grinds. We custom cut, slice and order at the customer’s request. If you don’t see an item you desire, ask and we may be able to order it for you. We make our sausage on site, smoke our own products like smoked kielbasa, smoked andoullie, smoked Canadian bacon, peameal bacon. All seasonal items are MADE on site, kabobs, stuffed pork chops, marinades, twice baked potatoes.

Bulk spices filled to your specifications. Holiday Market Canton has had the same meat cutters for ten years with over 40 years experience between Terry and Tom. Pot pies, and sausage are made from scratch. Some of our top creations include, steakhouse hamburger patties, New York strip ground coarse for a perfect burger, signature patties from Holiday market’s own secret recipe, peameal bacon brined seven days to perfection, Canadian bacon cured and smoked to perfection and Holiday’s oven ready meatloaf with chunky veggies, and a perfect blend of beef pork and seasoning.


Staying true to our mission of providing a world class experience, making food from scratch on site, using only the best talent and artisans, supplying local and international products, the Holiday Market Seafood department is by no means an exception. We do it professionally here! Come and see for yourself the brilliant fresh colors of our rich and diverse display. Two things to remember about our seafood department is FULL SERVICE and freshness. Carefully monitoring the quality of this world class department, with 25 years of experience in the industry, is Keith, our seasoned seafood manager. Mitch Chrystler, a valued customer, can support this level of quality. He told us while receiving his fresh seafood, “You have the best service anywhere”.

Equal to our service is the QUALITY of our high end products. Here, we smoke fresh lake trout, whitefish and salmon in our very own smoker. We also make our own salmon patties, crab cakes, marinated salmon skewers, and white fish sausage. Keith stays on top of the seasonal and EXOTIC products such as Chilean Seabass, Cherrystone clams, the fresh and clean Prince Edward Island mussels, sea scallops, many types of wild and farm-raised salmon like Scottish, Norwegian, Atlantic, Sockeye and so much more. So we welcome you as our guests and to take advantage of our hospitality: get your cut to order, fresh seafood selections from Holiday Market Canton.