Beer & Wine


With one of the best selections in Michigan, Holiday market is your one stop shop for all of your hard to find wines. Our own veteran wine buyer has over 30 YEARS of wine experience. With excellent market awareness our staff is always willing to help you find the perfect wine for any occasion.

We always carry First Growth Bordeaux’s, Boutique California winery, burgundies, sauternes, current vintages, and many more rare internationals at highly competitive pricing, offering a 10% case discount when purchasing a full original case of any of our wines. We only gather the freshest pick of the best and most relevant wines.


Not only does Holiday Market have a wine specialist, but we also have a beer specialist. Chris has over 5 years in the beer and wine industry and is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in food marketing. An experienced home brewer, Chris has an unparalleled passion for the craft, science and history of this popular drink. He is also involved in community tasting events. Stop by and strike up a conversation with this friendly connoisseur: he may show you our very own walk-in beer cooler or walk you down the aisle to show off the extensive, diverse, local and international collection.

We do it world class here at Holiday Market. We carry standard and domestic beers at excellent prices plus a top of the line selection of imports and microbrews. Perhaps the LARGEST SELECTION of American microbrews, only the finest selections from Belguim, Germany, and the United Kingdom, a selection of rare and seasonal items, mead, hard cider and Kegs ready to go for your special event, are but a few qualities of our fine beer department. Special orders are not a problem! We will be more than happy to take SPECIAL CARE of you and your interests.