The Holiday Market Bakery

Variety, tradition and creativity are among a few defining characteristics of our world class SCRATCH BAKERY. Our team of certified and award winning pastry chefs bring you only top quality creations held to the highest standards. We are a full service scratch bakery. While most bakeries are moving towards pre-made frozen products to save on the costs of ingredients and labor, here we strive to make as many of our products from scratch. The gourmet bakery is lead by Valor Victorian and Culinary Institute of America Graduate, Natalie Witkowski. The cake team is headed by Don Buciak. Don has a BA in fine art from Eastern Michigan University and has won various honors at cake decorating contests including 1st place and Grand Champion. We also have a cutting edge cupcake selection as well as various gourmet pastries. Sue Miller is a true pastry chef. She has worked at various high end restaurants and country clubs, made appearances on television and has been featured in magazines.

Holiday Market Canton is proud to have her as our premier torte chef. Cakes of all shapes and sizes, trays of gourmet mini pastries and cookies, tiramisu made of fresh ingredients, pies baked early each morning with ripe Michigan apples and cherries, Vienna fruit tortes masterfully crafted with the seasons best kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, blackberries and honeydew melon, TOP OF THE LINE flours and sugars, ganache made from scratch, homemade butter cream, are but a few reasons to pay us a visit for your special occasion.